Tabfulness Guru

Location: Worldwide-Remote

Take a journey for 7 days and earn $10,000. Really.

Opera is seeking a new Guru of Tabfulness – one brave soul who will take a spiritual Nordic journey to become CENTERED, achieve TABFULNESS, and SOOTHE the web.

Bjarnarey, an abandoned volcanic island, will be your workspace. There you will meditate on the grounding principles for digitally-enlightened browsing, discovering the best that Opera Browser has to offer and finding your peaceful center on the web. Browse from the top of the world to achieve true Tabfulness, and lead others to browsing serenity.

You could be the new Tabfulness Guru, if:

  • You like fish oil, Knäckebröd, and remote Icelandic islands
  • You know your way around Opera Browser
  • You want to help make the web a more serene space
  • You speak fluent English
  • You are at least 18 years old

The successful applicant will be awarded $10,000 and a 7-day trip for two to Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. To participate in the contest, simply complete the application form at with your contact details and a heart-felt description of what Tabfulness means to you.

The Opera team will select an applicant based on their creative submission, and notify them via email. To ensure that the applicant meets the conditions of the contest, they will participate in an interview with the Opera Team before being declared the winner. This is not an employment opportunity. The winner will perform as an independent contractor of the Sponsor, not an employee of the Sponsor. Payment is contingent upon the execution of a mutually agreeable independent contractor agreement between the Winner and the Sponsor. Void where prohibited.

By participating in the Opera Tabfulness Guru contest, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the contest. Void where prohibited.

About Us

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