Make an impact on the browsing experience of 360+ million users worldwide.

Have you ever dreamed of making a real impact on the way people access the web? Well, then working at Opera should be exactly right for you! Here, the innovations you create quickly get implemented and delivered to our users.

Huge scale - small, independent teams.

You will work surrounded by supportive colleagues and in a flat organizational structure with short decision-making processes that boost your creativity and drive.

Job description:

We are looking for a Test Engineer to work in a Compression team that is responsible for developing, configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting the Opera Mini and other Opera services that are currently serving more than 200 million users.


  • Cooperating with developers and QA in product creation
  • Adapt to and learn new technologies
  • Helping in capacity planning and hardware purchases
  • Setting up, maintaining, and performing test automation frameworks on multiple application platforms, such as REST and Web
  • Researching test tools, methodologies and trends, and upgrading existing practices and processes accordingly
  • Developing tools to assist in manual and exploratory testing
  • Setting up dashboards for reporting test results in real time
  • Managing the final quality on production release


  • Bachelor's/Master's in Computer Science or equivalent
  • A passion for testing, development and design
  • Knowledge of test methodologies and their corresponding tools
  • Understanding of protocols such as DNS and HTTP.
  • Proficient with modern programming language like (Python, C/C++, Go, Java)
  • Good understanding of automation tools and linux/unix shell
  • Experience with building systems that scale over 10k rps
  • Able to iterate quickly with testing new ideas
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken

Ideal job requirements

  • Domain knowledge in web and http proxying
  • Knowledge of OOPs concepts, paradigms, constructs, idioms
  • Knowledge of docker and system operations
  • Knowledge of Maven/Gradle and Selenium CI integration with Jenkins
  • Experience with Selenium and Selenium Grid for Web