Location: Warsaw

About the job

Have you ever dreamed of creating a real impact on the way people access the web? Well, then working at Opera should be exactly right for you! Here, the innovations you create quickly get implemented and delivered to our users.

At Opera we use C++17 standard and follow the Google C++ Style Guide. Our browser is based on the open-source Chromium project. Not only do we use the code, but also contribute to and help develop the project. Even though our browser is mainly built in C++, we also provide the opportunity to develop skills in other modern programming languages, like Typescript.

We continuously work on improving our browsers. Built-in messengers (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and more), VPN (Free and premium), a native ad blocker - all the features that improve the online experience.

Take part in developing the future of the internet.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Create features for a mass-market consumer product.
  • Deliver functionality that fulfills high-level requirements.
  • Adapt to and learn new technologies.
  • Participate and contribute in all parts of the software development lifecycle.
  • Understand and act upon the needs of your internal users (developers, QA, managers)

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge of C++
  • Code comprehension skills
  • Self-driven
  • Javascript/Typescript knowledge
  • Experience in native application development on desktop or mobile platforms
  • Experience in developing UX, graphical applications or games
  • Experience working on large codebases

What’s on Offer:

  • Flat organizational structure with short decision-making processes that boost your creativity and drive
  • A team of experienced and supportive individuals that fosters a friendly work atmosphere
  • Professional skill development
  • A diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Smart working technology


We are actively reviewing applications, so apply now! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Diversity and Inclusion:

At Opera, we deeply value diversity and inclusion as integral parts of our organizational culture. We believe that embracing diversity enriches our business and makes us more resilient. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, faith, belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, social background, age, and disability.

About Us:

Opera is a prominent web innovator that has been at the forefront of internet technology for over 25 years. With an ever-expanding community of millions of monthly active users, Opera remains dedicated to delivering extraordinary online experiences. Opera offers a diverse range of products and services to users worldwide, including cutting-edge PC and mobile browsers like Opera One or Opera GX notable for their built-in VPN, AdBlock, and Cashback extension, enhancing security and convenience for our users. Other products include our newsreader, communication platforms, the first built-in AI: Aria, as well as gaming and sports-related apps. This comprehensive suite of products is designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of Opera's growing user base.

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Opera has a global presence with major hubs in Poland, China, Spain, and Sweden, coupled with operations spanning numerous other countries. As a publicly traded company, Opera is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol 'OPRA'. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and delivering unparalleled user experiences, Opera is poised to continue leading the way in web technology and online services.