Make an impact on the browsing experience of 322 million users worldwide

Have you ever dreamed of making a real impact on the way people access the web? Well, then working at Opera should be exactly right for you! Here, the innovations you create quickly get implemented and delivered to our users.

Huge scale - small, independent teams

You will work in a globally scaled IT environment, surrounded by supportive colleagues and in a flat organizational structure with short decision-making processes that boost your creativity and drive.

Job description:

Opera is growing its Global IT Team in Wrocław/Warsaw, Poland. We are looking for a networking technologies wizard who wants to help us build, expand, and improve our data centers and cloud computing platform. You will work with the Global IT Team and many product teams on designing, delivering, automating, and maintaining Opera’s cloud environment.

While everybody is using the cloud today, you’ll be building it!


  • Evaluate, trial, and implement new networking solutions in Opera’s data centers. You will start by analyzing demands and requirements, followed by comparison of possible solutions ending at deploying a production DC network. Finally, you and your colleagues will make sure that the devices’ configuration is good and network traffic is flowing
  • Provide hundreds of robust and stable gigabits of network capacity for Opera products on a daily basis. You will improve environment monitoring, react to problems, and work with teams or vendors to make connections work flawlessly


  • Have an in-depth understanding of data center-grade hardware from leading vendors (Cisco and Juniper, to name a few) together with knowledge on how to automate their deployment and maintenance
  • Proficient with TCP/IP, OSPF, BGP, and IPSec technologies
  • A good understanding about how IP Transit, Peering and Internet Exchange work, along with their best practices
  • Experience with building and maintaining configuration for routers, switches, and firewalls
  • Skilled in automation through Python (with a bit of Ansible)
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken