We are expanding our graphics team to increase our bandwidth in this area and looking to hire a Software Engineer with GPU/3D experience. This role will require to work with current team members on the runtime and IDE team as we expand GameMaker capabilities. We are looking for someone from a Games Technology background, someone who has worked at Unity or Unreal on the Graphics Team, or someone who has been working on the low level technology for a game and who has Console experience.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Writing and revising the graphics interface code used within the GameMaker IDE and Runtime along with the Shader code used.
  • Role will include the use of C++ and C# languages for target platforms that GameMaker Supports.
  • Candidates should be fluent in these languages and able to profile and optimize code (and algorithms) used to improve performance across the product range.
  • Experience with Graphics Pipeline Debuggers and low level graphic API usage, data formatting and handling is a must.
  • Should be familiar with multiple graphics API’s (Direct X 11 and 12, Vulkan and Metal) familiarity with console platforms (Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, XBox One etc) is an advantage.

Job Requirements

  • Intimate knowledge of and experience using (at least 2 of) DX11, DX12, Metal, Vulkan and willing to learn the others
  • Performance experience in optimisation of Graphics Pipelines
  • Experience in formatting data and marshaling content through Graphics Pipelines.
  • Console experience on Graphics API’s is a plus.
  • Shader writing experience particularly with aesthetically pleasing and creative view will be beneficial


We will review applications on a rolling basis, apply now!

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