Make an impact on the browsing experience of 322 million users worldwide

Have you ever dreamed of making a real impact on the way people access the web? Well, then working at Opera should be exactly right for you! Here, the innovations you create quickly get implemented and delivered to our users.

Huge scale - small, independent teams

You will work surrounded by supportive colleagues and in a flat organizational structure with short decision-making processes that boost your creativity and drive.


  • Lead the add-ons moderation process
  • Automate other processes such as moderation, feedback, crashlogs, etc.
  • Analyze and research malicious JavaScript techniques
  • Advise developers about the best practices for creating secure extensions


  • Bachelor's/Master's in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience in the field of application security
  • Experience in analysis of malicious browser extensions
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Analytical skills
  • Fluency in English, written and spoken