We are seeking hard-working, detail-oriented and experienced people for the role of German Content News Editor.

This position is an intern job. The ideal candidate will have a passion for news and digital content. Opera News is an AI-based personalized news app. We are looking for Content Editors of German to improve machine understanding of content.


1. Label content, including categories, keywords, relevance, tags, topics, and quality of news articles.

2. Assess the quality of articles for better content.

3. Work with engineers to improve machine learning model performance and enhance the quality of recommended content through data monitoring and performance analysis.

4. Looking for main news websites of German.

5. Basic news operation on trending and top news.


1. Fluent speaking of German, excellent writing and reading skills.

2. Highly responsible and have zero tolerance of mistakes; send feedback in a timely manner.

3. Good insight into news content and ability to layout assessment criteria of news.

4. Ability to adjust rapidly to shifting deadlines and priorities.

5. Basic Data analysis skills.

6. Ability to multi-task while remaining detail-oriented under pressure.

7. Excellent time management skills.