Are you an experienced Data Engineer, who wants to work with really Big Data?

Opera’s petabyte-scale data is gathered with distributed data ingestion APIs, processed on Google Cloud Platform using e.g. Dataflow and Dataproc and kept in BigQuery. Apache Airflow helps us orchestrate Data Engineering jobs needed to use all of that anonymized data to improve our products, for 360+ million of users globally.

Are you interested in joining the team that enables all data-related activities in Opera?

We are an open, collaborative, multicultural environment and look forward to meeting candidates who can bring in new ideas, skills and solutions to Opera.


  • Help to operate entire data platform
  • Build data collection systems for Opera's products
  • Build automation tools
  • Take part in overall design and architecture discussions
  • Adapt to and learn new technologies
  • Be part of the on-call operations.


  • Expert knowledge of Python
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Experience in Linux (Debian) administration
  • Experience with distributed systems and/or parallel processing
  • Able to quickly iterate new ideas in a fail-fast approach
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken


  • Experience with Big Data concepts and tools (Google Pub Sub / Apache Kafka / Apache Beam / Apache Spark / Map Reduce / Apache Airflow / Apache Avro)
  • Working knowledge of cloud and virtualization/containerization
  • Familiarity with SCM tools, preferably Puppet
  • Familiarity with Java
  • Experience with monitoring solutions (Nagios, Icinga2, Grafana, InfluxDB, Google Stackdriver)