About Opera

Opera is one of the world’s leading browser providers and is influential in the field of integrated, AI-driven digital content discovery and recommendation platforms. Our products have more than 380 million monthly users across a portfolio of mobile apps and computer software. We are a company of more than 500 people, headquartered in Oslo, with major offices in Poland, Sweden, and China as well as a presence in 15 additional countries.

We trace our history back to 1996 when we introduced the first version of our “Opera”-branded browser. Since then, we have been a pioneer in redefining the web browsing experience. While our history spans more than 20 years, we are in many ways a new company. In 2018, we completed our initial public offering on Nasdaq. We have big ambitions for the future and are always up to something new. At Opera, there is never a dull moment!


  • Conduct IT security audits and policy compliance assessments
  • Participate in security assessments of mobile applications
  • Research new attack vectors, perform threat modeling and risk analysis tasks
  • Evaluate and compare various security tools and frameworks
  • Help to improve our security procedures, threat intelligenceand workflow automation


  • Strong passion for internet technology, privacy and security
  • Ability to independently research emerging cybersecurity risks and threats, and their potential impact on Opera environments
  • A practical knowledge of operating systems (*NIX), databases, network security principles and technologies, and security tools
  • Good knowledge of at least one modern programming language
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken